Ride 365



Lifetime Recognition

Whether you like to ride around the Low Country or across the U.S. every ride you take is a new experience that matters. Keep track of your lifetime mileage, because every mile counts. Visit Low Country Harley-Davidson to enroll today.

Annual Recognition

It’s 2019 and that means a new year and  new H.O.G.® rewards to motivate you to get out, ride and enjoy your love of the open road. Make sure on your next stop by the dealership you ask to have your mileage reported.

Chapter Challenge

Ride and Have Fun is what being a member of the Low Country Chapter is all about. Report your mileage to keep our chapter in competition to win the total chapter mileage and/or average total miles per member Chapter Challenge for 2019!

RIDE 365 Journey Challenge

Stories of your road trips either on your own or with friends create memories you’ll share. After all, the journey is as good as the destination! The ABCs of Touring program has a new title: Ride 365 Journey Challenge. With this transition, gaining points is now simplified. Less is better: Here are the opportunities to earn points and win cool prizes by submitting your ride photos. Visit any worldwide Authorized Harley-Davidson® dealership, a H.O.G.® Check-In, a worldwide H.O.G. Rally (Stationary or Touring), the H-D Museum or other H-D Corporate facilities.

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